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Inception – Ten Years Later

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Inception – Ten Years Later

The Royal Ocean Film Society is the reigning gold standard of film-related video essayists.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Andrew Saladino at The Royal Ocean Film Society. A couple of years ago, I mentioned in another post featuring one of his videos that “[I] expect his channel to become one of the biggest, most celebrated YouTube offerings dedicated to film essays.”

That prognostication hasn’t changed. While his current total of 210,000 subscribers is nothing to scoff at, it also doesn’t represent one of the larger figures in the genre, such as Nerdwriter (2,860,000 subscribers) or YMS (1,030,000 subscribers). Give it time. Sooner or later the dam will break and I have no doubt TROFS will swiftly join the seven-figure subscriber club.

Yet there’s something far more pressing and consequential at hand. Watch his latest video released Friday featuring a retrospective on the ten year anniversary of Christopher Nolan’sInception.”

It’s exceptional. It’s damn near flawless. And the research, editing, graphics, and overall composition of the video are second to none.

My opinion on The Royal Ocean Film Society is no longer simply that it will soon get the recognition and subscribers it deserves. I now believe that The Royal Ocean Film Society has officially achieved Best In Class status, supplanting the long-retired Every Frame A Painting as the reigning gold standard of film-related video essayists.

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