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3 Most Important Tech Innovations in Film History

Georges Melies


3 Most Important Tech Innovations in Film History

History! Science! Artistry! Cinema tech is everything we love.

I’d be even more excited about this post had I seen the video yesterday and could have teased it as a potential weekly series along the lines of “Tech Tuesday” or the like, but since today is Wednesday and I’m plumb out of flux capacitors, we’ll just have to make due with a regular post.

Cinema tech is fascinating. There’s a combination of innovation and capitalization at play, perpetually pushing the boundaries of audio and visual science to their absolute limits.

That’s what makes this video by CineFix so mesmerizing. The history of movies, the science of filmmaking, the artistry of creation. It’s all there, together, like ingredients of a recipe that when combined turn into something far more scrumptious than the individual components could ever hope to achieve.

What are the most important tech innovations in history? Before watching the video, one assumes something to do with the camera and something to do with the audio track. Vague, but accurate. And the third most important innovation? That’s a bit of a curve ball. You’ll just have to watch the video to find out.

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