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The Uncanny Range of Six-Time Oscar-nominee Amy Adams

Annapurna Pictures/The Weinstein Company


The Uncanny Range of Six-Time Oscar-nominee Amy Adams

Amy Adams can convince audiences of anything.

From a naïve princess whose best friend is a talking chipmunk to an alcoholic journalist recently released from a psychiatric hospital, there seems to be no role that Amy Adams can’t completely nail.  

The six-time Academy Award-nominee is able to transform into any character with an unparalleled level of assuredness.  She can convey dozens of emotions without uttering a single word. Her exceptional ability to convince the audience of nearly anything has earned her over 200 awards nominations and another 71 wins.

Apparently, the only thing Amy Adams can’t do is win an Oscar. Amy Adams Oscar-losing streak has been a long-running topic amongst film fans. Adams has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress five times: “Junebug,” “Doubt,” “The Fighter,” “The Master,” and, most recently, “Vice.” Her only Best Actress nomination was for her role as con artist Sydney Prosser in 2013’s “American Hustle.”

Yesterday, Deadline announced that Amy Adams will be starring in the adaptation of Rachel Yoder’s upcoming novel “Nightbitch.” The dark comedy follows an increasingly frantic mother who thinks that she is turning into a dog. “Nightbitch” will be backed by Annapurna Pictures and produced by Adams and Bond Entertainment Group. No release date for the film adaptation has been set, but Yoder’s novel will be published in Summer 2021.  

The video above by Fandor explains why Amy Adams is one of the best working actresses today. Check it out to marvel at the versatility, believability, and range that Adams has exhibited throughout her illustrious career.

Hopefully, Amy Adams’ long-overdue Academy Award win will come sooner rather than later.

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