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Film Location Friday: ‘Back to the Future’

YouTube: Reshoots


Film Location Friday: ‘Back to the Future’

Great Scott, look at all these awesome filming locations!

The 1985 Robert Zemeckis classic “Back to the Future” has seen a resurgence in interest in recent weeks. With no new films being released to theaters, cinemas–especially drive-ins– have been scrambling to find programming. As a result, many have opted for repertory programming, screening classics such as “Jaws” given the beach season or the cheekily chosen “V for Vendetta” given the current pandemic and political overtones.

“Back to the Future” has also been hitting the (incredibly subdued) box office charts, with exhibitors using the family friendly flick as way to pine for the better days of past.

In this location scouting video by Reshoots, we’re treated to an incredible then-and-now journey across the many scenes and southern California locations used throughout “Back to the Future.”

Plenty jingle the ol’ nostalgia bone. However, the Twin Pines Mall, known in real life as the Puente Hills Mall in Rowland Heights, California, has to be the most fascinating. Check it out!

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