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In Praise of 70mm Film

YouTube: Royal Ocean Film Society


In Praise of 70mm Film

Sometimes bigger IS better.

Just ten days out from the release of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” let’s begin ramping up the celebration of the esteemed filmmaker by praising everything in cinema that is big, bold, and most importantly, compelling.

There are plenty of productions throughout history that have aimed for something on a scale that readily defies belief. Epics such as “Metropolis,” “Cleopatra,” and “Spartacus” readily come to mind. However, in the modern era, Nolan is perhaps the most ambitious filmmaker on the planet and his films perpetually serve as an example of such.

In this video presented by The Royal Ocean Film Society, the history of 70mm film–Nolan’s favorite format–is brought to the fore and contextualized within modern fandom.

Sure, at-home entertainment is steadily leeching away the profitability and potential viability of the traditional cinema business. But some experiences just can’t be replicated absent the silver screen. Nolan’s films and everything to do with 70mm are certainly among them.

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