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Christopher Nolan Reveals His 5 Favorite Films



Christopher Nolan Reveals His 5 Favorite Films

Which films does the filmmaker consider his favorite?

Christopher Nolan’s career is the stuff that Hollywood dreams are made of. He wrote and directed his first feature “Following” in 1998. The film is an arthouse neo-noir flick shot on grainy 16mm film, just 70 minutes in length, and is considered a promising debut albeit understandably rough around the edges.

From there, Nolan went on to shoot progressively bigger and increasingly acclaimed pictures, including 2000’s “Memento,” 2002’s “Insomnia,” and 2006’s “The Prestige.”

Now, nearly two decades and eleven movies later, he’s the sixth-highest-grossing director in the world, credited with making some of the biggest, boldest, most ambitious films in the history of cinema.

Many of Nolan’s films undoubtedly rank as the favorite for moviegoers. Think “The Dark Knight,” “Interstellar,” or “Inception.” But what are Nolan’s favorite films? Which films made the biggest impression on the filmmaker as he journeyed from aspiring director to acclaimed filmmaker?

In this video by Fandor, based on “Five Films that Influenced Christopher Nolan” by Michael Maher, we get to see the movies that the movie man himself considers all-timers.

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