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How Sound Design Gives Food More Flavor



How Sound Design Gives Food More Flavor

This will either make your mouth water or make you gag.

Food: it’s the one thing that is as prevalent in movies as it is in our daily lives. And while scenes of characters eating and cooking can symbolize or represent some sense of humanity or underlying idea within a scene, there is a much smaller detail about foods in films that can tell us a lot about the story’s intended direction. 

There is no denying that sound design is a crucial part in the success of any film. But this doesn’t only apply to grand musical scores and dialogue sequences. Sound design can play a big part in something as seemingly small as the way food sounds. While we know what food looks like and what it tastes like, it’s the careful way that food is presented through sound that really nails in the way that the overall feeling of a scene is presented on the screen. 

Think about how squelching or mushing sounds make us feel uncomfortable and disgusted (like in the octopus scene in “Old Boy”) but a crisp crunch (like in the bread scene in “Ratatouille”) can bring out a satisfying feeling. All these and more are utilized when crafting the sounds in a scene and helps guide the audience to feel a certain emotion or elicit a certain reaction from a viewer (or in this case a listener). 

Watch the numerous ways that sound design is used in various movies to help enhance and set the mood or ambience in the video above.

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