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How Jay Roach Directed That Insane Austin Powers Opening

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How Jay Roach Directed That Insane Austin Powers Opening

What a groovy opening, baby, yeah!

In 1997, one of the most memorable characters in cinema comedy was brought to the big screens. With his 1960s style velvet suits, that character was none other than the womanizing British spy and acclaimed “International Man of Mystery” Austin Powers

Created and portrayed by Mike Myers, the fictional character made his debut with “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” the first film of the Austin Powers trilogy and has since become a pop cultural icon with numerous references in media. 

By 2002  the franchise had released the third film of the series: “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” It was the opening scene of “Goldmember” that perfectly showcased just how big the “Austin Powers” franchise had gotten.  The opening scene features a genuine action packed sequence with fast cars, big budget explosions, and famous cameos like Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, and Steven Speilberg. The sequence perfectly nails in its meta tone and campy style.

In the video by StudioBinder, director Jay Roach breaks down the filming process for the “Goldmember” opening sequence and reveals tips on scene preparation and tone and contrast. Also included in the video are never-before-seen storyboards for the film. Check it out!

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