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Rare Footage of Bruce Lee Lightsaber Fighting


Rare Footage of Bruce Lee Lightsaber Fighting

Neither Jedi nor Sith, Bruce Lee is The Force itself.

With Bruce Lee’s cameo in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” apparently STILL being litigated in the press by his daughter and Disney recently announcing on Investor Day that there are approximately 26 more Star Wars projects being developed, I feel it’s finally time to let everyone in on a very well-kept secret: the force was strong with Bruce Lee.

Very strong.

Many, many midi-chlorians.

Lee was an eighth degree Jedi master specializing in the martial art of Jeet Kune Solo. Sure, he could chop people into meat pulp with his Fists of Fury, but have you ever seen a dude go ballistic with a set of lightsaber nunchucks? Wonder no more, fam.

In this very rare archival footage, Lee goes all mad Porkins on a bunch of Federation baddies. Be sure to stay tuned for at least 25 seconds until he busts out the double-bladed bo like a futuristic Donatello, then a minute in to see him go all Michelangelo on some asses with the nunchucks.

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