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Never Before Seen ‘Uncle Buck’ Footage Unearthed

YouTube: Hats Off Entertainment


Never Before Seen ‘Uncle Buck’ Footage Unearthed

You should see the toast. I couldn’t even get it through the door!

There’s something happening in the cosmos and I’m at the center of it.

A few weeks ago I was talking with friends (okay, one friend, since me and everyone else in the world are seemingly stuck in some kind of shitty winter doldrums-slash-quarantine radio silence) when the conversation meandered from John Hughes to John Candy to “Uncle Buck.”

I absolutely adore “Uncle Buck.” Not only am I continually amazed by how many people have never seen the movie, but I’m also perpetually stunned by the fact that it isn’t held in the same regard in popular culture like many of Hughes’ other films. Is it as good as “Home Alone” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”? No. But is it as good as “The Breakfast Club,” “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” and “Sixteen Candles”? Hell yes.

So with “Uncle Buck” still fresh on my mind, last week I recommended watching the film while visiting my parents. As expected, they laughed, they cried (mostly from laughing so much), and they ended up absolutely loving the movie.

Two more passengers aboard the U-B hype train! Now I only have a few hundred million more to go.

So you can imagine my delight on Monday when YouTube channel Hats Off Entertainment released a docu-mini titled “The Lost Version of Uncle Buck.” It features a plethora of ideas Hughes had considered for the film but ultimately decided were best left on the cutting room floor. Highlight of my week, right?

Wrong! Little did I know that Hats Off Entertainment would follow up the initial video with another on Wednesday, this one being billed as:

This rare, never before seen footage was sent to me after my video exploring the lost rough cut of the film. The scene has not been edited fully, resulting in several inconsistencies in video and audio. The content has also not been refined, resulting in an overabundance of what I assume is improvised material, stretching the scene over 10 minutes in length. … I decided to release this footage because it’s 10 minutes of John Candy that the world has not seen.

It’s readily apparent why the footage got cut. As funny as the concept of Buck and his bros playing Pictionary may be, the scene would’ve been a lull in the storyline.

But to bask in the glory of original, never-before-seen “Uncle Buck” footage more than thirty years after its initial release? This is like being there when Howard Carter first opened Tutankhamun’s tomb, only without the death curse. Check out the feature video above and be sure to give Hats Off Entertainment plenty of love.

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