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‘Aladdin’ (1992) Behind the Scenes Recording Sessions Featuring Robin Williams

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‘Aladdin’ (1992) Behind the Scenes Recording Sessions Featuring Robin Williams

Disney’s 2019 live-action “Aladdinremake was so good I don’t think people really care about the 1992 animated version anymore.


I think saying “NOT!” after a sarcastic statement is an early 90s thing (in honor of the only true “Aladdin”) but I’m not positive.

Matter of fact, I just looked it up after writing that previous sentence, and not only am I right, but did you know that “NOT!” actually has a Wikipedia page? Seriously! According to Wikipedia, “It became a sardonic catchphrase in North America and elsewhere in the 1990s,” and “Popularized in North America in the 1990s by the Saturday Night Live sketch and subsequent film Wayne’s World, ‘not’ was selected as the 1992 Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society.”

You read that right. Word of the year! Man, the early 90s really were simpler times, I suppose.

Regardless, there’s no arguing that the original animated version of “Aladdin” is a classic and this behind the scenes video of the voice recording sessions is notable because of one person: Gilbert Gottfried.

Kidding! Sorry Gilbert, but of course we’re talking about Robin Williams. His manic energy is intoxicating and his voicing abilities are quite unparalleled. Check it out.

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