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Hilarious Behind the Scenes of ‘Happy Gilmore’


Hilarious Behind the Scenes of ‘Happy Gilmore’

Watching Adam Sandler movies is akin to eating candy. You watch too many, your brain will rot. But one every now and then is fine, and when you’re a kid it really doesn’t matter. The man will always hold a place in my heart, because I grew up watching “Happy Gilmore,” “Billy Madison,” and “Mr. Deeds.” However, as an adult who unfortunately prides themselves on their movie taste, my love for Sandler is tucked away in a box under my bed, especially after I told a girl in my Intro to Film Production class that my favorite movie was “Grown-Ups” and she changed seats.

That being said, “Happy Gilmore” is certainly one of the better Adam Sandler movies. As the goofy hockey player turned professional golfer, the Sandman’s own immaturity lends itself to one of the most iconic eponymous characters of all time. Not to mention his antithesis, the demonically handsome Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) who I’m pretty sure still eats poop for breakfast and will remain an all-time villain in film history,

The supporting cast is also better than most Sandler movies. Julie Bowen, who made a Sandman comeback in 2020’s “Hubie Halloween,” is great as Happy’s love interest. Carl Weathers is hilarious as Happy’s coach Chubbs Peterson, and Ben Stiller even has a small role as the most despicable nursing home employee to ever exist.

But the nostalgia of “Happy Gilmore” is what sets it apart from other Sandler movies. There are so many iconic scenes, and lines like “The price is wrong, son!” will remain ubiquitous . Nevertheless, given the unprecedented amount of content being produced, water-cooler movies like “Happy Gilmore” really don’t exist anymore. Audiences have been broken into sub-audiences, and within that sub-group is another sub-group, so the idea that everyone can watch and appreciate a singular movie is a relic of a film past gone by. I guess the only contemporary comparison are the “Avengers” movies. But is anyone saying, “Avengers, assemble!” when they’re trying to get a laugh. Of course not, they’re saying, “You’re in my world now, grandma,” because that is comedy.

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