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Pro Acting Coach Breaks Down 13 Rage Scenes

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Pro Acting Coach Breaks Down 13 Rage Scenes

Whether it’s for dramatic or comedic effect, there’s nothing like a rage scene in a movie. In the video above, British acting coach Keira Duffy breaks down 13 iconic rage scenes for Insider.

Anger is an emotion that plays on screen very well. Great actors will be able to fully embody their character’s fury, often resulting in some of their most famous scenes. A prime example of this is Denzel Washington‘s King Kong speech. At the end of “Training Day” Washington’s Alonzo is an egomaniac who must prove his power to his community to save his life. His rage comes from deep within but underneath it all is a sense of desperation.

Duffy also breaks down “Nightcrawler” with Jake Gyllenhaal’s mirror scene. In the scene Gyllenhaal‘s Lou fully transforms into becoming an unhinged predator through nothing more than a scream. As we look at Lou’s reflection in the shattered mirror, the eyes that look back at us are hauntingly evil. Director Dan Gilroy told RTÉ that him and Gyllenhaal aimed to make Lou resemble a coyote, stating:

They’re just always hungry and they come down out of the hills at night to feed, so we thought of Lou as a nocturnal predator. Jake said, ‘Coyotes are always lean. I’m thinking of getting a coyote look’.

However, rage scenes work just as well in comedies. Both “Mean Girls” and “Honeymoon in Vegas” see actors play up rage to hilarious effect. Both Rachel McAdams’ never ending high pitch scream and Nicolas Cage‘s sulky teenage-like delivery guarantee laughs.

Check out the video above or click here for Insider‘s in depth break down of 13 famous and infamous rage scenes!

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