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25 Best Virtual Reality Gifts | Metaverse Gift Guide

Virtual Reality Gift Guide

These amazing gift ideas represent the ultimate guide to buying awesome gifts for the virtual reality and metaverse enthusiast in your life. From birthdays to holidays and more, Metaflix is proud to present the following recommendations made by metaverse fans, for metaverse fans!

Virtual Reality Headsets

These virtual reality headsets represent the next frontier in tech. We’re featuring the most popular–and more importantly, the most advanced–headsets on the market today. With these in your life, your gaming, browsing, and entertainment will never be the same.


With virtual reality, gaming will forever be changed. Forget the 2D version of your favorite first person shooter. With an immersive VR gaming experience, you’ll feel like you’re on the battlefield in the midst of a thrilling skirmish. The graphics may be fictional, but your sweat and excitement will be very, very real.


Take your virtual reality experience to the next level with these awesome accessories. Whether you want more power, more comfort, or simply want to protect your gear, these accessories are must-haves for the true metaverse enthusiast.


There’s an entire world of metaverse-themed books that you probably never knew existed. Check out these books to educate yourself about the future of the internet or to entertain yourself with a thrilling novel.

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