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Watch Director David Wain’s Fun Filmmaking Tricks

YouTube: David Wain


Watch Director David Wain’s Fun Filmmaking Tricks

David Wain’s Paul Rudd starring comedies “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Role Models,” and “Wonderlust” have made him a cult hero. Additionally, his 30 years of TV experience have taught him a thing or two about filmmaking. Now, Wain gifts us a YouTube video demonstrating some fun filmmaking tricks that he has used throughout the years.

While most celebrity YouTube channels are overly manicured PR stunts, Wain’s channel is incredibly wholesome. If you weren’t familiar with the massive cult following of Wain’s work, his channel would give no indication of his Hollywood success. However, that’s what makes it so special. Wain’s channel brings us back to the early days of YouTube. Back when authenticity was key and home movies filled the site.

The director’s latest video teaches audiences simple behind the scenes tricks that Wain used on some of his biggest projects. These tricks include the Texas Switch, in which a stunt double is switch out with an actor without cuts or visual effects. Wain shows behind the scenes footage of how he pulled off this trick with Jennifer Aniston on a $35 million dollar film as well as on his micro budget sketch TV show, “The State.”

Wain also describes how he pulled off a poor man’s version of the bullet time effect. This is when time freezes in a film and the camera pans around the subject. Other tricks include practical CGI uses as well as in camera transitions. However, what impressed me most was how Wain pulled off shooting large ensemble scenes when all the actors had different availabilities.

Check out the video above or click here to see David Wain’s fun filmmaking tricks!

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