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Watch the Full LEGO ‘Deadpool’ Movie Right Now

So you’re scrolling through your many streaming services doing your best to find your favorite superhero. In search of the Merc with a Mouth, you realize darn, I don’t have any of the platforms that the film is on. What the heck is FuboTV? Regardless, you’re out of luck. But then, an angel comes from above and offers you the LEGO Deadpool movie. You’re welcome.

As the opening credits will tell you, yes this is the full Deadpool movie online … just, you know, made out of LEGOs. Yes, even the sex scene montage. Why do you think the video is age-restricted, violence? Spoilers: most of the blood is just red Play-Doh. No, YouTube gave this thing their equivalent of an NC-17 because of the plastic-on-plastic action. Yes, I’ve seen it. It’s like a Kardashian in a recycling center.

The LEGO Deadpool movie is a passion project of the Huxley Berg Studios YouTube Channel. They recreate superhero scenes, Star Wars trailers, and other blockbuster moments using Legos in their videos. Of course, they even did the Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad, another comparable peak of cinema. But LEGO Deadpool is the first full-length movie the channel has created. This insane undertaking is acknowledged for its triviality in the description of the video.

A film so epic it falls somewhere between Ben Hur and Shakes the Clown. A film so self-centered it has cured impetigo. A film so beautiful it looks up it’s own skirt. A film so badass you should be hearing trumpets blast in honor of its arrival. A film so meaningful it finally answers the riddle of whether Ryan Reynolds even needs to be in a Ryan Reynolds movie.

– Lego Deadpool (in the video’s description)

We really can waste our time doing anything nowadays. Welcome to the Internet!

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