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Watch The Simpsons Tribute to Cinema: Part 1

The Simpsons has always used film references as a base for their incredible comedy. However, this video compilation by Onikorp really drives home the point that the show—and in particular, the writing—loves to give a wink and a nod to the world of cinema, beginning from the very first episode onward.

We all know The Simpsons best years are well behind them. The general consensus is that the last great run was Season 8. Per an excerpt from New York Magazine:

After season eight, there were significant staff changes: A new show-runner was brought in, a number of key writers moved on, and genius animator Brad Bird (The Incredibles) left. But perhaps it was inevitable that The Simpsons couldn’t sustain forever such a high-wire mix of hilarity and humanity; on a commentary track for the season-eight DVD, creator Matt Groening acknowledges that the characters became more exaggerated as time went on, so as to not be repetitious.

Check out this amazing multi-part compilation of the innumerable movie references found throughout the show. And if you have a lot of time on your hands (or work to procrastinate doing), you can watch all 18 parts of the playlist here.

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