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Watch This Hilarious Modern Trailer For ‘Office Space’

It’s been 22 years since “Office Space” perfectly captured life in the cubicle. The 1999 cult classic originated from a series of animated short films featuring the character Milton.

In the years since its release, “Office Space” has been memed countless times. The most iconic moments in the film include the printer scene, in which three characters smash a malfunctioning printer to bits while Geto Boys’ “Still” plays in the background. Milton’s red Swingline stapler, which the film crew spray painted red for the film. However, after the success of “Office Space,” Swingline actually started selling red staplers. And, of course, Joanna’s (Jennifer Aniston) 15 pieces of flair.

“Office Space” solidified Aniston, who was known for her role as Rachel Green on “Friends,” as both a TV and film star. While the film brilliantly satirizes life as a mid level office employee, its trailer could use some updating.

Retro Redbands made a hilarious fan made trailer that reminds us of the heart of this film. The trailer features a modern editing style making you want to rewatch “Office Space” for the one millionth time. Check out the new modern trailer above.

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