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Watch This Hilarious ‘The Truman Show’ Mockumentary

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The Truman Show Mockumentary
The Truman Show Mockumentary

When “The Truman Show” premiered in 1998, few predicted the massive impact that the film would have. The film tells the story of Truman (Jim Carrey), a man whose life, unbeknownst to him, takes place on a TV set populated by actors for a TV show where he is the star. While promoting the film, director Peter Weir made a mockumentary starring the fake “Truman Show” actors.

The result is meta and hilarious.

All of the films main characters give insight to how living on “The Truman Show” has impacted their lives. For instance, Laura Linney (who played Hannah Gill who’s acting as Truman’s wife, Meryl) reveals that she is about to surpass Oprah as the richest woman in the world.

Additionally, Holland Taylor (who played Alanis Montclair, acting as Truman’s mother Angela) told the mockumentary that she has enough money to buy the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Paris. However, since she lives on “The Truman Show” set, she’ll never be able to visit.

“The Truman Show” has only gotten better with age. Seemingly every theory of philosophy has studied the film. Additionally, critics have analyzed the God complex that the film presents. As well as how it foreshadowed the rise of reality TV.

If you’re a fan of “The Truman Show” this mockumentary is a much watch. Not only does it make life on Seahaven Island feel more real, put it also acts as a promo for the fictional 30th season of “The Truman Show.”

View the video above or click here to check it out.