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Watch This Mesmerizing Collage of the New York City Subway in Movies

Fans of the Metaflix YouTube channel will know that I kinda have a thing for movies set in New York City, particularly those from the 1970’s. Case in point? The Metaflix video essay titled “Cinema of the 70’s – Starring New York City.” Pretty on the nose, eh?

There are tons of little perks and quirks that are particular to NYC. From street vendors to Central park to neighborhoods like Harlem or the Financial District, the city is packed with personality and distinction.

But there’s one aspect of New York City that separates it from all the rest: its subway system. Not only is it one of the biggest in the world and runs 24/7, but the virtue of its rough-and-tumble attitude (both the system itself and the people who use it) serves as the veritable heartbeat of the city.

Therefore, you can imagine my excitement upon discovering this video by Cannibal Milkshake. The soundtrack is great, the editing is superb, and the manic energy of the cut makes me feel as though I could run through a brick wall.

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The video features a bunch of films that also made an appearance on my own video essay, including “The French Connection” (1971), “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three” (1974), and “The Warriors” (1979), so be sure to check out Cannibal Milkshake’s feature above and Metaflix’s below.