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Watch: Top 10 Opening Sequences of All Time


CineFix’s YouTube channel is the king of movie lists. They have been making them for eight years and since they teamed up with IGN earlier this year, new movie lists drop every two weeks. CineFix’s latest list breaks down the top 10 opening sequences of all time.

Something that every CineFix list does well is implement subcategories. This allows the lists to be more nuanced and diverse. For example, in the video featured above, some of the subcategories include: Prologue, Thematic / Tonal, and Introducing People.

Essentially, CineFix breaks down 10 ways in which filmmakers may use an opening sequence and then they pick the film that best executes each way. Through this format they teach filmmaking techniques by disguising them as entertaining movie lists. Additionally, their videos include many honorable mentions for each category. So if your favorite film didn’t get their top pick, there’s still a high chance they analyzed it as an honorable mention.

Once they do reveal their top picks, they go into great detail about how the film perfectly executes its subcategory. CineFix has always produced great movie lists and their latest video is no different. So, what’s their pick for best opening sequence of all time? Is it “Up,” “Goodfellas” or maybe “Magnolia?” Watch the video above or click here to find out.

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