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Welcome to the Ultimate Quentin Tarantino Tournament: the BATTLE ROYALE with CHEESE

Consider it a TaranTournament.

The TaranTournament
The TaranTournament

After re-watching Quentin Tarantino’s entire filmography this month, the thought struck me: where do they all rank?

Pulp Fiction” is generally considered his masterpiece. “Death Proof” is generally considered his least successful project. But from an overall filmmaking perspective, does “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” rival “Pulp Fiction”? How about “Inglourious Basterds”? I think both give it a run for its money.

Alternatively, compared to “Death Proof,” “The Hateful Eight” is actually the one QT film I’m least likely to revisit. I just don’t find it very interesting or enjoyable.

As such, the weekly Premiere Poll series is going to be put on hiatus for a while, which is also partly due to the fact that so few new movies are being released. In it’s stead will be a series of polls every Tuesday and Thursday across all our social media accounts featuring head-to-head matchups of Quentin Tarantino’s films. Whichever film for each particular matchup receives the most combined votes moves onto the next round.

First prelim matchup: #8 “Jackie Brown” versus #9 “The Hateful Eight”

Sure, it’ll be interesting to find out which film of his ranks #1 and which ranks #10. But I’m equally excited about the matchups in the middle, like “Django Unchained” versus “Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood.” Which is the “better” of the two films? Tough call. Precisely why we’re so interesting in finding out.

Wanna vote? Head to our social media platforms each Tuesday and Thursday, beginning today with #8 seed “Jackie Brown” vs. #9 seed “The Hateful Eight.” Oh, and please help out the cause by liking and following. Thanks!

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