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What If It’s Been The Same James Bond In One Giant Timeline?

If you’ve got some time to kill before “No Time to Die” hits theaters this fall consider binging all 26 Bond films in chronological order. No, not in the order that they were released. Watch them chronologically as if it’s been the same James Bond this entire time.

The most popular fan theory is that James Bond (007) is a codename that’s passed down through generations. However, the video above by CineFix aims to reorganize the Bond films into one giant cinematic Bond universe.

No Time to Die” will hit theaters nearly 60 years after “Dr. No” became the first installment in the Bond film series. However, Daniel Craig’s “Casino Royale” is the first film chronologically. This version of “Casino Royale” is the only film in the entire series to show how Bond got his 007 status.

Almost halfway through the timeline, Bond has his first face to face interaction with the notorious Blofeld. Films 10, 11, and 12 on the list all feature Blofeld as Bond’s primary villain.

Watching the films in this order also makes the shocking revelation that Christoph Waltz’s character in “Spectre” is actually a descendant of Blofeld more impactful. If you watch the Daniel Craig series in a vacuum, there is nothing special about Waltz’s being Blofeld. But, if it all takes place in one giant timeline, this is an evil mind game by Waltz’s Blofeld. The family that took him in as an orphan was in fact related to his arch nemesis? Chills.

For the full list and an in depth breakdown of how all the Bond films tie together, check out the video above by CineFix.

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