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Where Hollywood Keeps Its Iconic Props

Check out where tons of iconic Hollywood props are stored.

Hollywood Prop Warehouse
Hollywood Prop Warehouse

We here at Metaflix are self-proclaimed prop junkies. They’re the most tangible components of what we commonly think of as “movie magic.”

In this video by Insider, we’re given a personal escort through the Warner Bros. Corporate Archive in Los Angeles, California, where a ton of iconic props are stored. It also features famous costumes, set decorations, and a whole lot more.

This includes a massive amount of stuff from the “Batman” franchise, including half a dozen Batmobiles and about 50 Batman masks. There are also props from “Suicide Squad,” “The Matrix,” and “Harry Potter.” Some of the older items include props and costumes from “My Fair Lady” and John Wayne, while the newer items include outfits from 2018’s “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Unfortunately, the archive is not open to the public. But many of the items do go on tour occasionally, so keep an eye out for upcoming dates and locations!

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