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Where Hollywood Shoots All Its Plane Scenes

YouTube: Insider


Where Hollywood Shoots All Its Plane Scenes

Many of the most iconic plane and airport scenes we recognize from film and television were all filmed in the same place. The location is called Air Hollywood and it’s an L.A. production studio exclusively dedicated to aviation.

You may have heard of such dedicated film locations before. Recall that famous diner from “The Big Lebowski,” “American History X,” or “Miracle Mile”? Indeed, it’s all the same place, Johnie’s Coffee Shop, which hasn’t served patrons since 2000 but makes its hay by serving as a one stop shop for film and television productions.

In this video, Insider takes us behind the scenes to see how they created famous scenes in movies like “Bridesmaids,” “Wolf of Wall Street,” and “Kill Bill.”

As the biggest aviation-themed studio in the world, Air Hollywood has three full aircraft interiors and an airport terminal set that’s reconfigurable into any part of the air travel experience. They’re equipped with a huge warehouse of props and costumes from different decades and can easily switch out their seats, signs, and parts to replicate different eras, settings, and memorabilia from different decades.

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