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Where Movies Get All Their Vintage Electronics

Leave it to Gizmodo to feature all these awesome gizmos.

Gizmodo Hollywood Vintage Electronics
Gizmodo Hollywood Vintage Electronics

I don’t often see Gizmodo throwing their hat into the film industry ring, but when they do, it’s a must-watch and I’ll take quality over quantity any day of the week.

This fascinating video pulls back the curtain on how movies source vintage electronics as props for their productions. One can only image how expensive it’d be if studios had to build all those old phones, computers, televisions, and other gizmos from scratch all the time. However, like so many different aspects of the film industry–from camera and lighting equipment to creating all those trailers we see on YouTube and TV–niche businesses have formed to rent their products and services.

It’d surely take a nice bit of coin to lease warehouse space and build up the necessary amount of inventory to make renting vintage electronics to movie studios a viable business venture. However, considering how frequently old electronics are regularly thrown away (or donated for free), I imagine the real investment here is not necessarily in the purchasing of all the product, but doing all the legwork in finding and acquiring it!