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Where to Watch ‘Nomadland’ in Theaters and on Streaming

Coming to theaters and Hulu on February 19.

Watch Nomadland Streaming
Watch Nomadland Streaming

Chloe Zhao’s “Nomadland” starring Frances McDormand is easily the most anticipated film getting a wide release this week, yet most moviegoers are scrambling to find out where it may actually be playing in theaters or on streaming services.

Some fans have already had the pleasure of seeing the movie, where it played for a week of virtual screenings at New York’s Lincoln Center in December 2020 and can currently be found playing in select IMAX locations.

However, beginning this Friday, February 19, “Nomadland” will be getting a wide theatrical release throughout all major exhibitors while simultaneously being released via streaming.

The good news is that between theaters and streaming, there’s plenty of opportunity to watch the film. The bad news is that “Nomadland” is only streaming on one streaming platform, Hulu, with no current plans to expand to additional services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or video on demand.

“Nomadland” tells the story of Fern (Frances McDormand), who, after losing everything she owned in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey throughout the American West living as a van-dwelling modern-day wanderer.

To date, “Nomadland” has won AFI’s Movie of the Year along with some 142 other domestic and international awards. The film is also nominated for four Golden Globe awards, including Best Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, and Best Director.

To get a more in-depth understanding of the hype and acclaim surrounding “Nomadland,” be sure to read this eloquent film review from our very own Josh Carone below.

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