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William Friedkin Debunks Rumors Of ‘The Exorcist’ Remake Involvement

There’s not enough money or motivation in the world To get me to do this.

Linda Blair in The Exorcist
Linda Blair in The Exorcist

During the time of its release in 1973, people flocked to theaters, waiting in long lines in the middle of winter to view “The Exorcist.” There were reports of audience members vomiting and fainting during screenings. And despite it being the first horror film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, many controversies followed the movie including its rating controversies and talks of the film being cursed. The list could go on and on about “The Exorcist’s” cultural impact, but nothing could prepare fans for talks of a reboot almost five decades later. 

With reports of “The Exorcist” remake planned for 2021, rumors of the original film’s director, William Friedkin, being involved in the reboot have also come to light. However, Friedkin, took to Twitter to clear some rumors of his possible involvement in the reboot. The director wrote:

“There’s a rumor on IMDB that I’m involved with a new version Of The Exorcist. This isn’t a rumor, it’s a flat-out lie. There’s not enough money or motivation in the world To get me to do this”.

Friedkin, who turned 85 this year, was a prominent figure of the New Hollywood era during the 1970s with other works such as The French Connection, Sorcerer, and To Live And Die In L.A. under his belt.  And despite his blockbuster horror hit spawning numerous sequels and prequels, Friedkin has not been involved with “The Exorcist” franchise since its initial release in 1973 and does not plan to.

Although there are talks of “The Exorcist” reboot, it is important to note that the report is buried deep in an article by Deadline about Morgan Creek’s upcoming series adaptation of David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers. At the very bottom of the article, Deadline notes, “Current Morgan Creek projects include Stay Tuned at AMC, with a planned theatrical reboot of The Exorcist in the works for 2021.”

So whether these rumors are accurate or not, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a remake were to happen as Hollywood is no stranger to classics getting modern day revivals. 

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