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You Wanna Sleep in The ‘Scream’ House?

Scream Movie
Dimension Films

Airbnb sure has some funny marketing ideas. To celebrate the season of the witch, the company has made the home from the hit ’90s slasher film “Scream” a location that guests can stay at. Yes, you heard that right. You can go spend a night in a house that is solely known for being in a horror movie. Can’t wait to take a shower there, right? 

The Northern California house, which was featured as the Woodsboro home of Stu Macher, one of the ghostface killers in the film, is the home that fans get to stay in. (Yay right?) The house will be rife with “Scream” memorabilia, so you won’t ever forget where you are. Guests will be treated to a movie marathon of all four ‘Scream” films on VHS (now that’s scary!) and have access to memorabilia like a ’90s-style “brick phone” that includes a direct line to Ghostface in case you were feeling too safe. The limited offer celebrates the iconic film’s 25th anniversary this year, along with the fifth Scream movie’s release next January.

Now don’t you worry, you won’t be alone in this home. Ok, that does sound a bit worrying, but that’s because you’ll have actor David Arquette there to keep you safe. Somewhere someone is clapping, I’m sure. The actor in character as Sheriff Dewey Riley said in a statement, “As your host, I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on guests to ensure no one gets surprised by an unexpected plot twist. Trust me, horror movies always keep it interesting, for better or for worse …”

So, if any of that interests you and I won’t judge if it does, then here’s the details. Starting October 12th fans can reserve their one night stay on either the 27th, 29th, or the 31st. You can make your reservations here. Good luck!

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