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Youtuber Parodies Christopher Nolan Exposition Scenes

While he may be one of the most popular directors, Christopher Nolan has created his own brand of cliches. Many of his films are brilliant and exquisitely directed. From “Inception,” “The Dark Knight,” “Dunkirk,” and many more, Nolan knows how to create a blockbuster. But his more convoluted films, ‘Inception,” “Interstellar,” and “Tenet,” among others, always include one peculiar scene.

Youtuber Michael Spicer recently made a great parody on that exact scene. He is tapping into the scene where one character (often British, always white and male) will explain the convoluted backstory to make the plot of the movie make sense. 

In “Tenet,” most of the first half of the movie is just these scenes back-to-back. In “Inception,” Cobb outlines the web of rules that govern the dream world. One thing Nolan’s version does that Spicer’s does not is Nolan’s characters tend to switch locations in the middle of sentences. It doesn’t always make sense, but it tricks us into thinking it’s not only exposition. Which it is … just exposition … right? I’ve never been able to randomly switch locations mid-sentence but then again, I don’t fit the bill for a typical Christopher Nolan lead. 

Check out the video above! And I hope he makes a sequel because I have to know what happened when they kidnapped the wrong elephant. Hopefully, one day, we may have an answer.

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