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Ari Aster Breaks Down the Most Mind-Bending Scene in ‘Midsommar’



Ari Aster Breaks Down the Most Mind-Bending Scene in ‘Midsommar’

A Midsommar nightmare.

Ari Aster’s summer horror film “Midsommar” has gained traction since its release in 2019 and is still talked about today. Rotten Tomatoes calls the film, “Ambitious, impressively crafted, and above all unsettling.” “Midsommar” followed Aster’s critically acclaimed 2018 film “Hereditary” and once again, did not disappoint.

For those who have yet to see the film, “Midsommar” follows the protagonist, Dani, and her friends as they embark on a trip to Sweden for a 9 day midsummer festival. The group is led to a Swedish pagan commune where they are to witness a special ceremony that only happens every 90 years. The idea is promising, but things quickly turn sour as Dani grapples with the unfamiliar commune while simultaneously dealing with recent family trauma as well as her current relationship problems.

One of the most memorable scenes of the film happens shortly after Dani and her friends arrive in Sweden.  This is a pivotal scene where we see the tip of Dani’s fear and anxiety driven iceberg that sets up for the rest of the movie. This internal conflict is represented by a bad trip that she experiences as a result of being pressured into taking psychedelic mushrooms. Aster created the scene with the intention of putting viewers into Dani’s shoes, mind, and trip. 

As a warning, the video contains a direct snippet from the movie, so beware of spoilers. But if that does not bother you, feel free to check out The New York Times’ video above as writer and director, Ari Aster, analyzes the scene and discusses how he worked with his visual effects team to create the mind-bending scene that we see today.

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