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‘The Suicide Squad’ Actors Margot Robbie, John Cena, and Joel Kinnaman Hop on the Ayer-Cut Train

Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad backed by Margot Robbie and John CenaAyer Cut of Suicide Squad backed by Margot Robbie and John Cena
Warner Bros. Pictures

Despite the much-anticipated release of James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” being just a couple days ahead, it seems most headlines are covering drama with the film’s predecessor. “Suicide Squad” came out in 2016, but fans, directors, and actors all have something to say about releasing David Ayer’s original vision.

Warner Bros. has created a monster. With the release of the Snydercut, comic-book fans are feeling more empowered than ever. They ask, they receive. Is this a good thing?

Many fans of DC viewed “Justice League: The Snyder Cut” as a savior to the franchise. People who are less superhero-inclined likely may have seen a bloated mess. Regardless, fans and actors alike would like to see Ayer’s vision given a platform that was reportedly denied from him. You can read his full story here.

Margot Robbie confirmed, “I would want to see the cut.” Similarly, Joel Kinnaman, the actor who plays Rick Flagg, said, “Yeah, why not? You always want to see the director’s vision.” Finally, John Cena chimed in, “It’s in a company’s best interest to listen to their audience, and if it’s something that’s so in demand and they got it, why not?” How economical of you, John.

It certainly would seem that if the demand is there, and the director has a strong vision that many believe in, why not give them the chance? Even if many didn’t like the Snydercut, it certainly lured hardcore fans into HBO Max subscriptions. If you don’t like it, you can always stop watching right? This isn’t the Ludovico Technique, turn the TV off.

However, an even greater solution than handing out director’s cuts to anyone who wants one, would be to let the original film follow the director’s lead in the first place. Isn’t that why they hired them?

Maybe if ‘Suicide Squad’ wasn’t a studio-driven frankenstein-creation of popular songs and marketability, no one would have to fuss over pulling a good movie out of it years later. Then the studio can just move onto bigger and better things, like “Clifford the Big Red Dog!” The only thing that’s more exciting than “Clifford the Big Red Dog” is the gritty director’s cut that will come out in 2025.

I digress, you can see James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” in theaters as early as tomorrow.

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