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George Clooney George Clooney


The headline is not exaggeration or hyperbole. According to George Clooney himself, the actor, director, and activist turned down $35 million for one day...

J. Jonah Jameson


Recently, J.K. Simmons discussed how he earned his iconic role as J. Jonah Jameson as a result of a brief encounter with a fan....

Dont Look Up Movie


Netflix’s upcoming “Don’t Look Up” is directed by Adam McKay and co-written by star Leonardo DiCaprio. The film will be McKay’s third Oscar contender...

Francis Ford Coppola The Godfather Notebook


The fact that material related to “The Godfather” franchise keeps popping up throughout the movie-verse to this very day is a testament to its...

Metaflix T-Shirt Village

Metaflix T-Shirt Village